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Here are some of the solutions and benefits that you will experience with WrkPlan ERP

  • Sales Register Reports

    WrkPlan enables users to go through Sales Register Reports in detail at any point of time. The generation of reports is primarily about the information on sales of a business for a particular period of time.

    • Sales register stores the details of total sale in a consolidated register report for control over the business transaction.
    • Tracking of B2B and B2C sales invoices
    • Advanced paid details
    • Credit and debit notes of customers.
  • Vendor Ageing Analysis report

    This particular report outlines the various details like the due dates of the bills and the outstanding amount that the company needs to pay to its vendors at different time buckets. The primary purpose of the report is to give the company a visual aid in determining which particular invoices are in overdue for payment.

    • The report should be cleaned up periodically so that stray debit and credit are removed which might lead to further complications.
    • The report is set up with a 30 days of time bucket for an organization
    • Helps outside auditors in the form of listing of payables that are due.
  • Stock inflow and outflow register reports

    The process of stock in and out is a part of every industry, and it is extremely important to maintain a consolidated report for it.

    • The warehouse stock register reports aids to review complete inventory details that includes current stock at the warehouse, sales margin for a period of time etc.
  • Salary statement reports

    WrkPlan's salary statement shows a complete breakup of the salary of employees in different branches or groups. The report has two different components, and it reads like this-


    This component includes the basic salary, Dearness Allowance, and other allowances like house rent travel allowance, medical allowance, performance bonus allowance etc. There may be various other allowances paid to the employees for varied purposes, and all these are club together under ‘Other allowances’.


    This part highlights the following deductions from the basic salary or gross salary like PF, Professional Tax, TDS and more.

  • Purchase Register reports

    This specific report delivers information on the purchase for a particular time period and offers the flexibility to sort an item, location, vendor group for the use in the Credit and Debit notes.

    • A detail view of all transactions and the filters helps to review the inward supplies as well.
    • Helps in making effective business decision by analysing the kinds of transactions taking place.
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