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  • GST Compliant Accounting

    With the introduction of Goods and Service Tax (GST) System in India, it has become indispensable for all the business to adopt their accounting system in line with GST. wrkplan has developed a completely automated system with GST integration. It generates GST-compliant invoices, error free tax computation, and annual financial reports, and handles all ramifications of customer advances along with hassle free generation of GST return files. It can generate the JSON files for GSTR-1 and GSTR-3.

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  • Warehouse Managment and Inventory Control

    WMS (Warehouse Management) System maintains stocks of finished goods and updates stocks on sales delivery, material returns & stock transfers from the main warehouse. Central databases are maintained with updating done on every transaction.

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  • Integrated Payroll & Hrms

    wrkplan also introduces a complete Human Resources module for the best HR practices. It will help to simplify the workflow across different teams in an organization resulting in improved reporting. The payroll functionality is also a vital aspect in the HRMS module which evaluates performance metrics of employees and maintains the time attendance system. Other benefits include workforce scheduling, automated tracking of annual reviews, expense and claims processing.

    A totally integrated Payroll system attached to WrkPlan payroll system handles complete routine payroll computation, statutory compliances and also maintenance of data for employee information, attendance, performance appraisal and advise management in all matters for declaring awards, promotion and all other employee related matters. The major Payroll features are:

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  • Robust Security

    wrkplan provides a complete built in security system. It prevents unauthorized access to the database and auto signals for any unauthorized access attempt. Users can be provided individualized access rights to the individual functions and reports within each module.Data is automatically backed up at specified times.

  • Advance User Accees Right

    Internal controls are fundamental to protection of all kinds of operational and financial information. wrkplan advanced user access rights is are highly flexible. Any user can be granted full, limited, or no access to the individual functions and reports within each module.

  • Multi Branch Computing

    wrkplan offers a multi-branch computing system which helps to access real-time sales & purchase, income expense statement and inventory across different branches and warehouses. It will also give a detail report on centralized stock view and purchase, stock transfer and product-wise sales summary. As transaction volume is high in multi-branch computing, the software also assists in auto synchronization of data between the HO and multiple branches. The complete process will save time, cost, and ensure no data will be lost.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Managing long term relationship with clients is the best way to retain business. The CRM module by wrkplan enriches your client interaction for long term association. Use the CRM to track new, old, and future customers and to manage promotional campaigns throughout the year.

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