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Product Features

Warehouse  Managment and Inventory Control

WMS (Warehouse Management) System maintains stocks of finished goods and updates stocks on sales delivery, material returns & stock transfers from the main warehouse. Central databases are maintained with updating done on every transaction.

  • User-definable Warehouse Layout - Multi-zone, Multi-tier
  • Unlimited Locations, Warehouses
  • Real-time update of Stock Status across all Locations
  • Legal or Process Requirements - assign products to fixed or preferred locations
  • Stock Valuation - Warehouse-wise
  • Stock Ledger - Warehouse-wise
  • Mapping of Products - Warehouse-wise

wrkplan provides a comprehensive view and helps to maintain inventory in multiple locations for an organization. With real-time tracking of stocks, and use of serial numbers and the introduction of optimum stock level control wrkplan inventory system helps a business optimize its working capital. The Inventory Module has the following features to gain control over the inventory and stock in real time.

  • Seamlessly integrated with purchase, Sales & Warehousing modules- no extra entry required
  • Stock below minimum level, re-order level is signalled
  • Unlimited Multi- Tagged product grouping & sub- grouping
  • Multi-Unit of Measurement with conversion factors and auto pick up
  • Stock valuation –LIFO, FIFO, Weighted average, User Defined rates
  • Stock Maintenance for individual warehouse at multiple locations
  • User Defined warehouse layout- Multi Zone, Multi-Tier
  • Stock Ledger for individual warehouse.
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Adjustment
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