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GST Compliant Accounting

WrkPlan ERP has been running successfully in India is a cloud based accounting package having integrated features for every intersection to make GST computation easy for businesses. The cloud ERP solution aids in handling the finance keeps businesses GST compliant, seamlessly programmes business workflow across the diverse structure in an organization.


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Features of GST Compliant Accounting

Here’s why WrkPlan offers the most lucrative and compatible way to file your GST return.

Convenience in filling GST return

A user can easily file the return by converting data into JSON format using the external service shared by GSTIN. There is often a huge burden of categorizing the invoice wise data for the return, and so WrkPlan offers flexibility in automatic filling of data based on the return and value of transactions.

Calculating input tax credit effortlessly

The business houses now have to be more observant in maintaining accounts, submitting tax returns with utmost precision, and also observe all regulatory formalities. Wrkplan has structured and implemented the GST complaint system in a manner that all users can effortlessly calculate total tax computation made for GST every month.

Checklist for GST Returns

There are few mandatory checklists for GST Returns that require strict compliance. Wrkplan manages all these flawlessly and lowers the burden at work.

  • Any kind of amendment in GSTR
  • Checking particulars of invoices
  • Analysing GSTR3B in relation to GSTR1 and 2A
  • Reviewing E-way bill along with invoices-

GST Complaint invoices to clients

Wrkplan keeps track of every intricate detail such as GSTIN, HSN/SAC codes in every ­­, and also gives the flexibility of customization in compliance with the government mandates.

Detailed report presentation

The software solution keeps track of the total tax amount that gets paid to the government, and also the input tax credit available to the company in the ITC summary, and presents is to the company in the form of a detailed report.

How WrkPlan keeps Businesses GST Compliant?

  • Benefit of timely notifications

    A user will be notified as soon as the GST returns deadline approaches, or a transaction needs to be approved. Wrkplan will catapult information in advance, making the user feel contented and complete the return process successfully.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Wrkplan keeps track of total tax amount paid by the organization in the cash summary section and along with the input tax credit available in the company’s ITC summary. This real –time update helps a user handling the taxation part to remain updated on the critical numbers of taxation.

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