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Ways to overcome the challenges in Multi Branch Management

WrkPlan ERP | By admin | Aug 14, 2019
  • It is often a challenging task for many small or medium scale organizations to manage the multi-branch operation. In any industry, there can be several branches in different parts of the city or the country or worldwide, but without the implementation of a proper structure, no good can get achieved.

    The most troublesome part of this structure is travelling. The management or the owner needs to pay a visit to different branches at a frequent interval, and for a small scale organization, it will incur a huge cost. And this is the sole reason that business owners try to find an alternative where they can save money and time while managing the branches.

    Here we will talk about the multi-branch operation and how it can get managed seamlessly. But before heading towards this point, let us brief you about the challenges that organizations face.

    • Lack of proper communication with branch offices-
    • Improper allocation of logistics
    • Complex work structure.
    • Lack of supervision in general administrative structure

    And to tackle these unresolved challenges, the management needs to principally focus on three main areas- Bring innovation in technology, Upgrade the operational structure and enhance communication.

    Implement new technology-

    In recent times, all businesses are relying on custom build multi branch management software available in a SAAS model for configuring all the tasks efficiently. These are available at a cost-effective price for a monthly and annual subscription and works as a diversified system to cater to the issues affecting multi-branch. The newly launched Wrkplan ERP solution has a multi-branch module that will flawlessly assist in managing the tasks, and also regulates the warehouses by updating information on real time sales and purchase.

    Enhancement in communication-

    A company might have several branches worldwide, but without a proper communication strategy, it often fails in various things. Communication will always remain to be a key in collaborating with offices, clients and co-workers. Also, focus on an upward and downward communication channel to enable a smooth flow. Some regular activities that should get performed are

    • Frequent meetings with employees of branches through video conference
    • The higher authorities should visit the different branches in a proper schedule once every three months.
    • Bring the entire group for brainstorming sessions at least once or twice in a month.
    • Try to work on cross-culture communication across your different overseas branches.

    Nurture a healthy competition-

    It is always good to enhance the urge of the employees in performing better and create an environment of good work culture and healthy competition. The top bosses at every branch should come up with activities that will strengthen and motivate the employees like small rewards for good performances, a motivational session in the weekends etc.

    Install an employee management system-

    This system will manage the work operation of the employees across all branches like keeping work schedule organized, attendance tracking and more. The platform may also give an insight into each employee performances for the appraisals.

    So while concluding we can agree on the fact that any organization irrespective of its size must develop the orientation in multi-branch management with the assistance of multi-branch accounting software that will help in

    • Streamline data across all the branches
    • Enhancement in compliance and collaborative approach across different branches
    • Detail report on centralized stock and purchase in the warehouse and more.

    If your organization is still maintaining a conventional approach in work operation, then it’s high time to find an alternative, and implement a system that will seamlessly manage everything.

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