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Why choosing an ERP Solution for Garment Industry is a lucrative option?

WrkPlan ERP | By admin | Nov 22, 2018
  • A fashion business, no matter small or big, has to go through many challenges and adversities. There are lot of changes since the past few years, where business, start up or existing, have to go deep into the Customers’ buying intent and to understand their needs and desires.

    All industry, especially clothing industry, is unique in its own way, precise ERP system implementation is a necessity to keep abreast with the changing needs.

    In a simple and straight way let us show you some unique features of ERP Software applicable to garment industry.

    Why ERP solution is used in the Garment industry?

    For many years the garment industries has used accounting software such as Quickbook, Sage and other Inventory Control solutions software and get their work done. ERP solution sounds attractive, but there are plenty of trouble stores that include ineffective use, malfunctioning of the system and several other problems.

    The salient points are that ERP solutions, which are now being developed especially for apparel industry, you will have most economical & effective output. Well, there may challenges when you implement and start using ERP systems, but precise system of working can overcome their difficulties and your business can achieve an impressive and measurable ROI.

    Listed below are the reasons why ERP system should be put to use in the Garment Industry.

    • To integrate all the functional activities of your company
    • To get real-time MIS
    • Achievement of Customer satisfaction through in time delivery, impressive design and cost-effective production.
    • Reduction of production process wastage to a minimum level

    Forecast – Future plan derived from past activities & economic trends

    Forecast, future course of business and the necessary operational level is an essential ingredient for any business. ERP System can generates data, well in time, about the past performance, profit & cost level, customer reach in different market segment, variation of operational level from past target sets, future trend of the market so that you can frame an worthwhile forecast and profit level achievement for any future time line.

    Efficiency in system running & usage of output

    It is a common belief among employees that cloud based ERP Software, while working thereon, end number of complexities. This is not at all true. Installation and after initial effective running for some time the system extends accurate and in time services.

    Productivity increases will manifold with proper usage & timely MIS

    A common myth against the employees is that ERP is used only to woo the Company’s customers. But this is not only cause for using ERP. When the entire system in an Organization works in complete co-ordination with each other your company achieves productivity in all aspects of operation and customer satisfaction and profit contribution are achieved in the desired level.

    Flexible operation with excellent timeliness

    Inventory system, with multiple and varied inventory items, can be run seamlessly with effective ERP system. ERP system can check and simulate the inventory level, re-order point reach, dormant stock and Economic Order Quantity, stock level update and many other features is taken so effectively that the operation of the production with high efficiency & flexibility.

    Points to contemplate while adopting an ERP system

    If you are in clothing or garment industry, integration of ERP with the changing management environment is the most important aspect of success.

    During the process of ERP implementation, situation might crop up to undergo changes in its working environment. On this process please ensure that entire ERP is explained to your key professionals, other staff members in such a way that operational changes are completely visible to working professionals seamlessly and time to time updates are provided to have felt of the progress of the operation.

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